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RIP Skip Carey
By Robert Jones , 8/3/08, 10:59pm
General Discussion (4 Comments in the Thread)

One of my heroes...a person who's voice has echoed through around Sunday Dinner tables all my life has passed away. Skip is like a family member although I have never had a convesation with him he has been the voice of my Atlanta Braves all my life...He has done as much to fuel my love of the game and knowledge thereof as any coach I have ever had. Skip, You will be missed. Rest in peace



Tears On The Face of Superman
By Robert Jones , 8/4/08, 10:50pm
General Discussion (4 Comments in the Thread)

I attended a funeral for a fallen law enforcement officer recently and have been reflecting on it since. I wanted to say something eloquent but words seem to escape me.

In short there was a barricaded unresponsive escaped mental case armed with a shotgun. SWAT was called and had to try to get this guy out. One officer was fired on and killed and then the subject took his own life.

The pageantry of the funeral was...


A,J. Learns Some Baseball
By Rob Reed , 7/10/08, 11:51pm
Photography and Video (3 Comments in the Thread)


How Many Stadiums Have You seen Games?
By Robert Jones , 7/8/08, 11:44pm
Sports and Leisure (7 Comments in the Thread)

Major League Baseball

Atlanta/Fulton County
Houston Astrodome
Turner Field
Camden Yards
Angels Stadium
Tropicana Field

Minor League Baseball Game
Legends Field Tampa

Pro Football

Atlanta Fulton County
Georgia Dome
New Orleans Superdome
Raymond James Stadium


Super Collider
By Robert Jones , 7/2/08, 12:40am
Science & Technology (6 Comments in the Thread)

I don't know if any of you have followed this story....I became aware of it several years ago when it was being discussed to perhaps build it near here. It was eventually built near Geneva. This machine is set to be tested beginning in August and it is going to be exciting to to see what discoveries that will be realized from this device....alledgedly the most complicated/advanced machine ever produced.

The science involved leads to some interesting questions. Apparently...


By Rob Reed , 7/5/08, 11:53am
Photography and Video (3 Comments in the Thread)

as a hack photographer, I get lucky and capture EXACTLY the feelings that I had when taking the picture. This is one of those moments. :)


George Carlin, dead at 71
By Rob Reed , 6/22/08, 10:13pm
Jokeshop (6 Comments in the Thread)


The news stories are just trickling in. Apparently, heart failure.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Levy (tomorrow)!
By Rob Reed , 6/21/08, 6:54pm
General Discussion (2 Comments in the Thread)

Hope you have a great day!


From the 'Sounds too good to be true' file: scientists may have discovered petrol in bug waste
By Rob Reed , 6/18/08, 9:52pm
Science & Technology (1 Comment in the Thread)


Apparently, these are genetically-modified bugs that excrete actual, useable crude oil that may work in our cars.

This is incredible news, if true... especially in the current economic climate. Imagine breaking from the chains of foreign oil!

This is only worthwhile, of course, if this is CHEAP. And, it can't be that expensive to mate bugs to make more of em, right?

Ten years ago I could never have imagined Id be doing this, says Greg Pal, 33, a former software executive,...


Some people just have no class...
By Rob Reed , 6/17/08, 10:50am
Photography and Video (6 Comments in the Thread)

I mean just look at that guy's tie!

Hattip: Marie in email this morning... :)


Re: Baseball Players Conspire to Bean Umpire
By Robert Jones , 6/13/08, 1:00pm
Sports and Leisure (7 Comments in the Thread)


By Rob Reed , 6/12/08, 1:02pm
Photography and Video (10 Comments in the Thread)

I took a pic of the final amount, but it didn't take. $74 for gas today.


Support 2wheelbob in the Relay for Life
By Carol , 6/5/08, 7:32am
General Discussion (1 Comment in the Thread)

Bob has participated in this event for several years now... Imagine 50 miles, 200 laps around a track, all done in his chair! His goal is to do this in 24 hours and raise $2000.



Re: McCain is not my Candidate
By drrubb , 6/5/08, 5:39am
Politics, Government & Law (16 Comments in the Thread)

Personally, I don't care for any of them, but if I had to choose 1 of the 3, I would lean towards McCain. I'm just afraid if Obama or Hillary becomes President, taxes are going to skyrocket.

If I were running for President, my main platform or stance would be that we need to go to a flat tax system. Too many Americans are paying way too much income tax & getting screwed by the IRS. But by the same token,...


I can take solace in one fact...
By Rob Reed , 4/24/08, 8:41am
General Discussion (5 Comments in the Thread)

Hiya everybody! Hope y'all are well.

My 39th birthday is approaching, and after reading an article this morning, I learned that I can take solace in one, single fact. I AM NOT A GRANDFATHER!



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